Here are some of the most common questions we get asked:

Q: Do you use genuine Pounamu?

A: Yes, we only use Pounamu sourced from Aotearoa. None of our Pounamu comes from overseas.

Q: Does your Taonga need to be blessed?

A: That is entirely up to you! We can get it blessed before we send it but only if requested. We do encourage someone in or close to the whanau to bless these taonga but we leave that decision entirely up to the individual.

Q: Do you make custom pieces?

A: Yes, however it is important to note that Pounamu has a way it wants to be shaped and that is out of our control. Colouring resin is also a hard one to get exact so we don't do special or specific colours. Contact us through the Contact tab and we will be in touch to discuss your ideas.

Q: Do you repair broken Taonga?

A: Yes, we have repaired quite a few Taonga that have snapped or broken. We do understand that all Taonga are precious, however repairs can be very time consuming so we have to be mindful of what we can take on. Contact us through the Contact tab and we will be in touch to see what we can do to help.

Q: Is Pounamu the same thing as Greenstone?

A: Yes, it is the same thing (Nephrite) although using the name Greenstone can mean that it is sourced from outside of Aotearoa as Greenstone is found in many places throughout the world including countries like Canada, China and Russia. Pounamu is the name given by Maori which indicates it is from Aotearoa. Pounamu includes Nephrite and Bowenite.